Louis Patterson

Certified Personal Trainer

My name is Louis Patterson and I have been serving the wellness community since graduating with an Exercise Science degree from Ball State University in 2014.  I have earned several additional certifications as well, from ACE Health Coach, Senior Fitness Specialist, ACSM’s Exercise Physiologist certification, and 4 other fitness related certifications. I played multiple sports for more than15 years, including football, lacrosse, baseball, golf, and soccer. My passion is fitness working with all age clients but I have especially affinity for athletes because of my past history.  I really  enjoy helping them achieve their goals and reaching that next level of play.


In 2017 – 18 I went on a personal  fitness & weight loss journey where I losing almost 100 pounds! So whether its helping build strength, weight loss, recovering from an injury, becoming a better athlete, or general fitness, I am your guy. Train with someone who’s been where your are and knows what it!


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