Kirsten Kersey

Certified Personal Trainer

Kirsten Kersey: is a dedicated personal trainer with 10 years of experience learning and training who believes in improving overall health and encourages others to live a healthy lifestyle. She understand that strength training is only one facet of being healthy and educates clients on how to make better lifestyle choices. Kirsten graduated from Indiana State University with an Exercise Science Degree; which provides her with a thorough understanding of how the body adapts and works during physical movement. As a result, Kirsten is able to train a variety of clients ranging from novice, student, student athlete, business professional, single women/men, married couples, injured, disabled, elderly, non athlete or athlete.  In addition to understanding the science behind exercise ; Kirsten was also able to learn extensively about supplementation. As an health enthusiast with 5 years of experience at the Vitamin Shoppe; she acquired a vast amount of knowledge and understanding of vitamins, minerals, and supplementation to help clients achieve health goals.  Kirsten has a passion for fitness and helping others reach their goals. Healthy choices and a healthy lifestyle is more than just the cool thing to do for now, it's the best decision you will ever make. Let's stay healthy together.