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Clarence Walton

 Strength Factory CEO

My name is Clarence Walton. I am a personal trainer as well as the proud owner of  Strength Factory Personal Training Center!  In 1996 I decided to turn my passion for personal training into a career.  I left my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana and moved to the “Circle City”. As fate would have it, I was offered the position of Personal Training Director for LA fitness in Indianapolis. In 2012 I achieved my long term goal of owning my own gym! Opening Strength Factory Personal Training Center has given me the platform to share my background in yoga, weight training, strength conditioning, and athletic training. Most importantly, my gym is the space I use to motivate and educate members towards reaching their health and fitness goals. The fitness journey my clients choose to embark on is challenging. I push my clients to reach their personal excellence.  From tailored exercise routines to need specific nutritional programs, to competition stage prep. It's important to me that I, as well as my team, provide as many tools as we can to aid in improving our members' overall fitness, strength, and stamina. At Strength Factory our motto is "Building Beautiful Bodies one Rep at a Time". Greatness through health and wellness is achievable . Allow us to help you with your fitness journey.


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