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Get the help you need to compete and display the hard work you put in daily on a the local and national stage of Bodybuilding, Physique and Bikini

Competion Training


Are you one that wants to show off the hard work you put in at the gym and compare yours fitness success to others?  Well, Physique & Bodybuilding competitions may be the just thing for you. Strength Factory offers competition and bodybuilding training under the guidance of Coach Clarence.  Coach C is a former competitor & champion himself.  He has coached numerous competitor which have all placed in the top 5 of their competitions. Competition categories range from Bikini Model to Physique to Heavy Weight Bodybuilding.  
An assessment with Coach C will give you an understanding of where you are and the how long it will take to get you to you best competition Body. He will prepare you physically and mentally to compete in any of level of competition in a safe and efficient way, allowing you to find success.    


Nutrition Planning

Posing Coaching


Mock Walk Throughs For Each Show

Weight Training & Cardio

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