April Ward

Certified Personal Trainer


April Ward is certified by The International Sports Science Associates (ISSA) as a Fitness Trainer. This certification is the most prestigious in the industry and it qualifies her to work with virtually any individual wishing to improve their fitness. New to the fitness industry but not the health field; having 20 years experience working alongside doctors, dieticians, LPN’s, sports medicine specialist, MA’s, home health care, physical therapy practices and health administers.


April Ward has an inherent responsibility, passion and understanding for living and sharing a fitness lifestyle and positively influence the health and fitness attitudes of those around us.
She believes individually and collectively, we can bring health and fitness to the masses and make the dream of optimal health a reality for all and has the knowledge and support to develop a personalized, rational and comprehensive program that could effectively draw your friends, family members, and future clients into the fitness lifestyle and optimal health.


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