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Kyra Brown

Certified Personal Trainer

Hello, my name is Kyra Brown. I am your local healthcare specialist, nutritionist, personal trainer, and all around fitness coach. I am the founder
of Do It For You Fitness! I'm originally from Adana, Turkey. I moved to the United States at a very young age. Being so young in a new environment I encountered many hardships. I needed to find an outlet. This is when I fell in love with fitness. Boxing was my first sport; I boxed for 15+ years. I competed for 10 years and coached multiple amateur classes as well as worked alongside some professional fighters.  I continued to expand my knowledge into martial arts by engaging in Muay Thai kickboxing and Kali Silat.


I am nationally certified through the International Sports Science Association in fitness, nutrition, and fitness coaching. With a degree in healthcare specialty,
I can develop a more diverse workout regimen for individuals with  special medical needs. It is my dream to have a positive impact on an individuals
self-confidence, wellness, and life style. To help individuals unlock their true potential.


We have one body that carries us through our journey. I call this “One capsule, One life.” We have one opportunity to do it for ourselves so do it for you!
Allow me to be apart of your fitness journey today.

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