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Sharon Taylor

Certified Personal Trainer

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Sharon (WySweat) Taylor:  As a busy mother of five boys,
I knew some of my habits would have to change in order to set good examples for them.  I didn't want to face many of the same ailments that some my family members have in the past.

I thought about working out for years but tobacco had a hold over my life from the age 18 to 38. I made an excuse that I couldn't workout until I quit smoking and got more time.  One day I found myself  isolated from my spouse and the outside world, when I was invited to a cardio class Strength Factory by King H.Y.P. (Tawj). The next day, I came back to schedule an assessment. I walked out excited.  That one day  changed the rest of my life.

That year as a client I had many of set backs,  I doubted myself,  and fatigue, depression, joy, all the emotions you can think of set in.  I did not think that I had anyone in my life that understood what I was going through. So, Strength Factory became my place of refuge. Coach C gave me the opportunity to be an apprentice after witnessing my passion for my personal accomplishments that he and the other trainers assisted me in achieving.  I wanted to do the same for others.

I'm stronger both physically & mentally. No longer a smoker and no longer in isolation! Now, I am here to assist you to find your way on your fitness journey.

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