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Jesse Davidson

Certified Personal Trainer

Hey, I am Jesse Davidson, born and raised on Southside of Ft. Wayne Indiana.   I currently reside in Indianapolis. I have lived here  for the last 8 years.  I worked for a plastic company driving a 28" delivery truck  for three years.  One day, I ran into Clarence Walton, owner of SF.  One of my close childhood friends. He offered his services because I needed to get my body in shape.  Soon after I started my training, unbeknownst to me, he began grooming me to become a personal trainer myself.  
Of course I loved it!  He would ask me to train a few of his clients every now and then. The clients reported back to him that I was good at it.  Clarence then sent me to school and gave me a job. Now, here I am, an experienced Certified Personal Trainer.  Being a former amateur boxer, I also teach self defense basic boxing skills for ages 10 and older.  As a youngster, I trained at the Summit City Boxing Club in Ft Wayne, Indiana under coach Jo Jo Rashawns.  I boxed as an amateur for 10 years and won numerous awards.   I was forced to give up boxing after a shoulder injury.  I was blessed to have boxing in my life.  Boxing kept me on the straight and narrow.   I  hope I can offer it as an outlet to someone else as well.  Come in and train with me! Petey the Trainer! 


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