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Let us know your fitness goals and let's get started achieving them today!

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2420 East 55th Place, Indianapolis IN 46220

Tel: 317-376-0135


  • How often should a person workout?
    According to the American Association committee of science and medicine a person should workout with weights at least 2 times a week for 30 to 40 mins to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • What ages does SFPT train?
    We train all ages. From preschool to seniors. All our trainers are well prepared to take on a wide variety of ages and fitness levels.
  • Should women lift weights?
    Yes!! Weight lifting is the primary source to building muscle. Women will not bulk up, they will tone up and appear leaner and healthier.
  • Is 30 mins of training long enough?
    Yes, our certified trainers will take you through a high intensity circuit style training session that is sure to increase your heart rate while building lean muscle.
  • If I workout, then I should be able to eat whatever I want! Right? "
    WRONG!! You cant out train a bad diet. Your eating habits is 80% of your healthy program. Following a good meal plan will assist you in reaching your goals faster and you will feel and look better also.
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