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Jamie Lee

Certified Personal Trainer

Hey y'all! It's Jamie Lee here, native to Indianapolis, IN. My fitness journey began in 2017 when I was the heaviest I've ever been. That same year, a friend invited me to a bodybuilding competition on the westside of Indy. When I saw the women in the bikini/figure division strut across the stage, I was in awe! I was just amazed by their beauty and their muscular physique. I would always hear, from women & men, that women with defined, big muscles were unattractive or manly looking. However, these women were beautiful! They walked & posed with great confidence. From that day forward, I committed myself to getting a trainer to help me reach my goals to increase my confidence & get in the best shape possible in prep for my bodybuilding stage debut.
I was stubborn at first but slowly overcame the mental blockage that came with a lifestyle change. Afterwards, I went on to compete in two natural bodybuilding shows within women's figure division in the novice & open categories. This also ignited my love for fitness & maintaining a fit lifestyle. Now, as a personal trainer, it's my personal goal to help others overcome their mental blocks and partner with my clients to reach their
full strength/fitness potential. 

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